Monday, July 30, 2012


 I love July! It's my birthday month!
Thanks for nice surprise Provo Land Title

Scott's parents took me out to dinner to Gloria's Little Italy. 
It was delicious! 

Since I had to work on my birthday we went to Seven Peaks the next day.
I just floated around the lazy river on my tube the whole day.

We went fishing with Drew and Marin. 
This is Scott's cat fish he caught at Utah Lake!

My nephews had state baseball a few weeks ago. They did really good! 
Tyler and Kayden are on the same team this year.

Sadly, Scott's grandpa passed away on July 21st. He had been sick for the last few months and slowly lost more and more functionality in this body. He was such a happy, outgoing person. 
We will miss him dearly. Scott gave a really nice talk at the funeral. He shared some memories he had of his grandpa... when Scott and David were about 3 years old their grandpa was babysitting them. The twins got into their grandpas blue shoe polish and painted all the walls and furniture! They had shoe polish all over their skin and in their hair! Their grandpa tried to give them a bath but the shoe polish would not come off!! He was more worried about what their mom would think than the actual shoe polish on the walls. haha what an awesome guy.

I had a baby shower!! My mom made these darling invitations.  
Thanks to all those who came and thanks for all the gifts!

Thanks Treg for taking pictures!

My sweet 9 year old niece made all these burp cloths for Anabelle. She picked out the fabric, cut them out and sewed them with all different stitches. She spent so much time making them perfect. 
She is such a sweetie! ~Thanks Taylor!

I washed all of Anabelle's clothes and organized her closet! 
If you can't tell, I've been in the nesting phase lately.

32 Weeks

33 Weeks

Soft Science had a show in SLC last weekend. Here are a few pics of the band.

This has become my life.. TV, computer and my bed. After almost going into labor last night, I'm now officially on bed rest. It's only been one day and I'm already super bored! At least I can hold this baby in for a little longer.. every day counts at this point!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Life in June

June has been a great month! Here is some of the stuff we've been doing..

Scott has been slaving away in the yard putting in the sprinkler system
and getting it ready to lay sod.

We have grass!!
We had our families and friends over last Saturday to lay sod.
Thanks so much for the help everyone! I love our yard!

For Father's day we went up American Fork Canyon to the lake.
We had a cook out and the kids fished. 

My dad taught the girls how to cast. They sure do love their grandpa!

Rocco is getting so big. I love this kid!

Yep. We wanted to see who's belly was bigger.


Sophie won 2nd place in the Mutton Bust at the Strawberry Days rodeo.
She did so good!

Baby Eero was born on Firday, June 22nd. Shantay went into labor early friday morning and starting pushing later in the afternoon.
After two hours of pushing, he finally came out! Shantay had a really hard delivery with alot of complications but baby Eero is as perfect as ever and Shantay is healthy and slowly healing. Thank goodness!

Preparing to be a dad...

He loves holding his new nephew.

This makes us soooo excited for our little one to get here.

Speaking of our little one. I had an ultrasound last week because I've been having so many contractions.
This is her yawning. She's probably tired from kicking me all day and night!

 I'm 29 weeks pregnant now!
11 more weeks to go!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Life update

The last month has been a busy one! Scott has been working hard on getting our sprinkler system in. We are almost ready to lay sod! It's amazing how much work goes into a yard but it will be so nice to have to finally have grass!

I am 27 weeks pregnant!! At the end of this week I will officially be in my third trimester. I can't believe how fast time is flying by. Only 3 months left!  
 I've started to get pretty uncomfortable.. especially at night when I'm trying to sleep. I had to whip out the old body pillow and position it just right to try to get somewhat comfortable. I literally toss and turn all night long. My poor husband gets no sleep! Apparently I've started snoring too.. pregnancy is great haha.

Anabelle's room is coming along just great! Here are the new additions so far..

 A for Anabelle

Some farmer was selling old apple crates close to my house last weekend
so I bought a few to make her a shelf.

 I made some sheer peach curtains

Here's what it looks like all together so far..

Scott and his band (Mont Blanc) have been working so hard on their album. They
have been in my basement what seems like every night practicing their little hearts out!
They went to studio last week to record everything for the album. It probably won't be done for at least a few more months but they are sure working hard on it.

Here are pictures from their show last weekend..

Scott and I have been obsessed with Monopoly lately! After losing 3 times in a row, I almost gave up on the game but luckily the 4th time was the charm!

My nephew Chandler won a contest to be the bat boy at the Bee's game! Some of my family went
to the game and we got to see Chandler run out and grab the bat after each player hit.

Amy and Matt are engaged!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

As of Late

So much has been happening lately!! It seems like eveyone's lives are fastly changing! We decided we needed to have a BBQ to celebrate all of it! Here's what we celebrated at our BBQ:

Amy reuniting with Matt..
So happy for these two

The baby in my tummy..

Rachel and Drew decided to leave us for the summer
for an adventure in Washington D.C.
(This was our goodbye lunch) 

We also celebrated the fact that everyone made it through finals!
 Thanks Treg and Chris for letting everyone come over to your
lovely house and for building a warm fire!

Other things that have been happing lately..

Our marriage turned two!!
 I can't believe we've already been married for two whole years!!
It's been the greatest two years of my life. I love this guy!

We went to St. George/Las Vegas
It will probably be our last little get away before the baby is born.
We have so much fun on trips together!

Here is what Anabelle's room looks like so far..
This will be the changing table.

Her crib was kind of a pain to put together but that's because
we put it together wrong and kept having to redo it.
I love the way it turned out. 
 My mom had the blanket that hanging over the side. It is so cute!!
I can't wait to snuggle her with it!

I bought some cute headbands and a darling swimsuit for her.
I love buying tiny baby clothes!

This guy graduated with a Bachelors in
Political Science!! 
So proud of him!